build1 [ bıld ] (past tense and past participle built [ bılt ] ) verb ***
1. ) intransitive or transitive to make a building or other large structure by putting its parts together:
Do you know when this house was built?
They're building a new bridge over the river.
You need planning permission to build on this land.
a ) transitive to make a machine, vehicle, or other structure by putting its parts together:
He's building his own computer.
The boat was built to withstand every weather condition.
b ) be built of something to be made from a particular material:
The pyramids are built of solid stone.
2. ) build or build up transitive to develop something:
He set out to build a business empire and succeeded.
Many popular writers built up their reputations during the war.
a ) build (up) a picture of to gradually develop an idea of what someone or something is like:
We need to build up a picture of the community's needs.
3. ) build or build up intransitive or transitive to increase or to make something increase:
The food industry needs to build consumer confidence again.
build bridges
to help two people, groups, or countries who have disagreed to have a more friendly relationship:
He played a key role in building bridges between management and the unions.
,build a`round phrasal verb transitive
build something around something to make a particular aim or idea the main part of something:
Her whole campaign was built around economic recovery.
,build `in phrasal verb transitive usually passive
1. ) to build something such as a piece of furniture so that it becomes part of a wall or room:
They had built in a closet with mirrored doors.
2. ) build in or build into build something in/into something to make something part of a plan, system, calculation etc.:
The cost of renting equipment should be built into your calculations.
`build ,on phrasal verb transitive
1. ) build on or build onto build something on/onto something to build a new room or part onto the outside of a building:
They've had an extension built onto the side of the building.
2. ) build on or build upon build on/upon something to do something in addition to what you have already achieved:
We need to build on the ideas we have had so far.
,build `up phrasal verb
1. ) intransitive or transitive same as BUILD1 3:
Don't allow resentment to build up between you and your partner.
These exercises are good for building up leg strength.
2. ) transitive same as BUILD1 2:
Stevens played a key role in building up the company.
3. ) transitive to talk about someone or something in a very positive way so that people are impressed with them:
They've built him up to be something that he isn't.
4. ) transitive to make someone bigger, healthier, and stronger, especially by making them eat more:
You need lots of fresh fruit to help build you up.
build up someone's hopes
to make someone think that something good is going to happen when in fact it is very unlikely:
I don't want to build up her hopes if he's not coming back.
`build u,pon phrasal verb transitive
same as BUILD ON 2:
The project will build upon existing knowledge.
,build `up to phrasal verb transitive
build up to something to prepare yourself or someone else gradually for something that you are going to say or do:
She'd been building up all week to telling them she was leaving.
build 2 [ bıld ] noun singular *
the size and shape of someone's body:
He was of medium build and about my height.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.


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